*This article is neither for the sake of political purposes, nor for the promotion of any political party or individual(s) for the sake of politics.

Stilo Magolide is a well renowned rapper, who has been giving us hits for several years, since his rise with Boyz N Bucks. His style in hip hop is based on authentic lyricism, embracing his Africanness with vernac, and articulating his flow quite well even in English, whether on highly commercial tracks or highly conscious tracks.

With songs like "Se7en" and "Yasho", he showcases his concious raps, while maintaining the nature of the hip hop culture which he thrives in.

Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi is the Spokesperson of the EFF, and is largely known for his "robust activism", and reshaping the scope of politics by engaging the youth. He maintains conscious politics, encouraging authentic Africanness in terms of attitude, demeanor, and in particular, ownership of one's destiny, and identity in various respects...

These two powerful personalities (G.O.A.Ts) have put their minds together, in a relaxed, casual session and setting, to unpack some issues about the Hip Hop community, and its role in society.

The name of the session is called, A Mbuzi Level Conversation.

Ranging from topics such as Gender Based Violence, the role of women in Hip Hop and society, and the importance in careful attention to the lyricism in Hip Hop to influence positive messages, this is an interesting talk for both Hip Hop lovers as well as idealists and conceptualist in the broader scope for the youth.

Dr Ndlozi has paraphrased Rick Ross' famous lyrics, "I'm self made, you're just affiliated / We built it from the ground up, you got it renovated" in PARLIAMENT!

Although the subject matter is concious and thought-provoking in nature, the humour, energy and relaxed vibe of the whole affair will simply leave you in awe, as these two great minds leave no stones unturned.


The IllumiNvture Secret Library presents:

A Mbuzi Level Converation

a Natural Light Magazine/ Slikour On Life production

Written by Tevin NKS

Edited by The Scribes Navy