NATURAL NEWS | A Stella Luncheon (COVID-19)


South Africans continue to disobey lockdown regulations for reasons such as weddings, visiting their significant other and even utilizing make-shift safe houses to facilitate their drinking habits or other secondary reasons.

Powerful figures may also think they are above the law as usual, and exempt from the President's direct orders. This undermines the honest South African who makes a personal sacrifice everyday for the betterment of the country even when it hurts most in every regard.

Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abraham's churlish and criminal behaviour could undermine the fight against Covid-19 as she is a public figure and a senior member of government to whom the country looks up to. Although she may be the Minister of Communications - ACTIONS speak louder than words.

A picture circulated on the internet, which depicted the Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams sharing in a luncheon with Mduduzi Manana and company. This in plain terms, a contravention of the law and a display of stellar ignorance of the lockdown regulations.

What sounded discouraging is that when asked about Minister Ndabeni-Abraham's actions when giving his speech at Rand Water on Tuesday 7th April, President Ramaphosa suggested that the minister may receive a "talking to" and a basic "How To" guideline of what a lockdown is all about with regards to "how visuals like that can impact the country."

The average South African could face a fine or criminal charges in similar circumstances, and the elite should not be exempt from this as we look to them as an example. The police and army have resorted to brutal force and humiliating citizens (against the President's recommendations). The least that can be done is a fine preceeded with a public apology to South Africans as the capable leader we know and respect. A "discussion" is nowhere near consistent with the law.

Written by Tevin NKS

Edited by Tevin NKS

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