African Global Operations, formerly know as Bossasa has laid charges against Angelo Agrizzi for theft, fraud and money laundering.

The nephew of the late Gavin Watson, who is also a lawyer, has claimed that Agrizzi and van Tonder used to formulate false companies and award false contracts to those companies in order to swindle the company out of millions, which would from then go into their personal accounts.

"I've never stolen anything from anybody", Angelo Agrizzi responded. He also found it strange why these charges are being brought up after such a long time. Agrizzi and van Tonder would have to account and prove that they received the money legitimately or face criminal prosecution.

This is part of an ongoing feud between the Watsons and Agrizzi, who felt that justice was not served when Gavin Watson died of a car crash. His nephew and the family did not believe in the in the timing of the death as well as the initial post morten results, as he was to testify the following day against Agrizzi in the State Capture Inquiry.

Written by Tevin NKS
Edited by Tevin NKS