NATURAL NEWS | Covid-19 Update 10-04-2020


As of 8 April 2020, the total number of confirmed cases is now sitting 1 845 and 18 Covid-19 related deaths.

The rate of infection is seemingly slowing down, as it dropped from over 40% to 4%. There is till more work to be done as mass testing is going underway in parts of the country and several more set to follow suit.

The President also announced that in order to mitigate the inevitably dire impact of Covid-19 on the already critically-stable South African economy, all Members of Parliament and Cabinet Ministers, will take a pay cut of a third (1/3) of their salaries, with the President cutting down his own too. An act of sacrifice is necessary especially on the economy, as Moody's has dampened the mood even further by denouncing any confidence or hopes in the South African economy with a downgrade to economic 'junk status'.

The whole world is dealing with a pandemic and lives are being threatened everyday. South Africa is not in the space for untimely economic downgrades/labels - as is the whole world. One crisis at a time please!

Written by Tevin NKS

Edited by Tevin NKS

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