On the Saturday evening, 31st October 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a 2nd lockdown for England. This is a 4 week-lockwon took effect from Thursday, 4th October and is set until 4th December.

Already in its first week, these include the closure of pubs and restaurants, non-essential shops and leisure facilities. However, schools remain open in England. "We cannot let this virus affect the our children's future more than it already has," Boris Johnson declared in an address.

Over the last few weeks, that England has seen a surge in cases, especially over the last few weeks, particularly in. In the few days, new data has shown that there have been over 50 000 cases per day, with over 4000 hospital admissions. More patients have been admitted to hospitals in comparison to the period around the first wave, as the pandemic has risen from August, and worsened towards the end of September.

The UK's Chief Medical Officer, Chris Witty stated that the death rate has the potential to be twice as bad as in the first wave.

All in all, England has seen over 1.05 million cases, with almost 44 000 deaths.

Initially, the approach of tier regional lockdown has been the strategy to fight against the virus, by only dealing with regions where there is a spike in cases, instead of holistically. This approach was hugely criticized by the opposition Labour Party, as they pushed the prime minister to follow scientific advise and initiate a lockdown several weeks before the official announcement was made.

The leader of the opposition party, Sir Keir Stamer stated was very vocal about these initial proposals. "These are measures we called for 3 weeks ago... the government just delayed as in the first phase," he exlaimed.

In response to questions about having regrets about not listening to the science and data based advice of the medical respect, he insisted that he was considering lives as well as the mental health effects of a nation wide lockdown. He also indicated that the decision making process has not been easy. "These judgements are incredibly difficult," he added.

He also mentioned countries such as Belgium, France and Germany, who have undergone strict measures of their own, in his attempt to assure the public that they are not alone in this fight against the Coronavirus.

Livelihoods, and small businesses such as salons, tattoo parlours, and theatres, small pubs & restaurants are being affected. There is the argument that not all regions have an alarming number of cases, such as in North Denton and Yorkshire, and will be hugely affected once more.

The Prime Minister, however, was displaying optimism about the situation, along with his u-turn and abrupt sternness in being proactive against the virus.

"We will get through this, but we must act now to contain this Autumn surge... Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives!"

Written by Tevin NKS

Edited by Tevin NKS

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