NATURAL NEWS | Famous Prophet Slips Through SA Justice System


Renowned Malawian religious leader absconded from from South Africa after being granted bail. Sheperd Bushiri is worth a whopping R2.4 Billion ($150m). He has a ministry which has almost 8 million members globally, and over 3 million of those being South Africa, on top of his "other businesses" as well as owning a private jet. The famous prophet, was arrested on Fraud, Theft and Money Laundering charges of over R100 million ($6.25m) in February 2019.

Although the state declared him to be a flight risk, and Home Affairs stating that he had been living and operating in the country illegally, he and his wife were granted bail of R200 000 ($12 500) each on November 4th 2020. They were ought to report to the nearest police station, but instead, escaped the country by Wednesday 11th November, of which police found out at the same time as the public, on a Facebook Live video on Friday the 13, to the horror of the South African president as well as the Minister of home Affairs.

On that same day or night he left South Africa, Malawian president Lazarus Chakwera was in South Africa for diplomatic reasons, and had a curious delay and slight change of plans in regards to his departure out of the country, and claims he was treated with disrespect by local authorities.

The self proclaimed prophet claims that he feared for his safety in South Africa, and is not feeling confident about the prospects of a fair trial. In his Facebook Live video, he stated, "I believe in the law, and I'm a law abiding citizen. He also claimed that the South African law enforcement authorities have a personal vendetta against him, and he has been the subject of extortion, intimidation and threats. He claimed that he reported the matter to the Indepent Police Investigate Directory against the officials who have been violating his rights. "I feel (that) my life is not safe in South Africa... I do not want to die without clearing my name," he exclaimed.

A Fugitive's Demands:

Usually unheard of in the case of any fugitive, but Sheperd Bushiri had a list of demands if he were to come back to South Africa to stand trial:

• He pleaded for his safety in South Africa. Claiming that his rights have been violated because of the extortion, intimidation and threats, he also alleged that he was shot at on Sandton, in what he and believes was am assassination attempt on him.

• He wants the officers assigned to his case to recuse themselves. He claimed that the case was already tainted as there is a conflict on interest in the fact that ome of the officers on his case was arrested for allegations of corruption and also that the officers who arrested him are the same officials who violated his rights as he had reported them to IPID.

• He also found it unfavourable that as a black man, the 5 investigating officers on his case are all white, 3 prosecutors are white and also having a white judge before him. The ECG leader claims that there is no hope of a fair trial given the optics.

• He also wanted his bail condition revoked, as it is in direct contravention with his constitutional rights to freedom of speech. His bail conditions state that he is not allowed to discuss his case with anyone, nor is he allowed to interact with state witnesses. However, he insists that the aforementioned witness are anonymous, and that is unlikely to happen as he is a Public Figure of note and engages with all those around him.

South African Borders:

In 2009, the International Criminal Court issued a warrant of arrest against the former president of Sudan, Omar Al-Bashir. However, in 2015, he managed to attend an AU General Meeting in South Africa, and allegedly left the country "unseen" at the Waterkloof Air Base.

In August 2017, former Zimbabweam First Lady, Grace Mugabe, flew to South Africa to assault a young model in a hotel with her sons, and flew right out. The South African government could neither contain nor extradite her to face charges, as she claimed Dimplomatic Immunity.

The notorious Gupta family have been charged with various crimes relating to their capturing of the state to loot funds in South Africa during the tenure of the former president Jacob Zuma. They also left in the same manner as Omar Al-Bashir, having "slipped" from local authorities,out South Africa to Dubai. In the same manner, an extradition application was filed confidently by the Minister of Justice Ronald Lamola, to no avail. A parallel effect has been drawn in the instance of Shepered Bushiri, as Ronald Lamola insisted that the religious leader will be extradited and stand trial.

SA-Malawi Relations:

The president of Malawi was in South Africa for diplomatic reasons around the same time this incident occured. His departure was reportedly controversial, with last minute detours. The Malawian President also said that he felt disrespected by South African officials when his plane was being searched. The South African president Cyril Ramaphosa, was outraged by this incident. In an interview with Newzroom Afrika, the spokesperson of the government of Malawi, Gospel Kazako, was asked what he thought of how how much he knew about how Bushiri arrived in Malawi, and seemed to take a jab at the obviously careless officials. "The first thing is to find out how he left your country," he fired back.

Malawi and South Africa have always had "cordial" relations, nothing more and nothing less. With Malawi and SA both being a part of SADC, there should be some form of assistance from a nation hosting a person of interest, but with Bushiri being a public figure, a beacon of charity and goodwill in his home country, there seems to be little that suggests that his leader would "give him up" to answer to, as he insists, trumped up charges by corrupt South African authorities.

In the latest developments, Sheperd Bushiri handed himself over to Malawian authorities. And in South Africa, his R5.5Million ($350k) property was seized by the government in order to put pressure on the multi millionaire prophet/businessman. He was then released, on the basis that his arrest was illegal in South Africa, as he should have been served with court summons instead detained.

"My wife and I appeared before the Magistrate Court today (19th November) following the decision we took to hand ourselves to Malawi Police on Wednesday after we heard that law enforcement agencies were looking for us. In his ruling the magistrate ordered that my wife and I must be released unconditionally because our arrest was illegal. Further, the Magistrate also ruled that whenever they have a case against my wife and I we should appear before Court through summons not arrest. I am also informed that some of my assets in South Africa have been confiscated by authorities to which I say: “My right to life is more important than any asset in this world. Whatever has happened today, I don’t see it as our victory neither our lawyers. God has won," he declared.

A miracle of epic proportions indeed!

Written by Tevin NKS

Edited by Tevin NKS

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