The lockdown in South Africa has proven to be one of the most unique challenges we have had to face and adapt to. Also in many ways, more unique and creative ways to keep us busy, entertained and even educated have come to the fold.

At a time when many of us are focused on something which reminds of us of the good times when we were out and about partying, Gugu Khati, who is also the wife to the iconic DJ Tira, is highlighting another impactful side. This is in educating the masses about the entertainment business, in particular, the music business.

Many artists have amazing talent and even work extra hard to master their craft and skills set, however, not everybody can cover all bases without educating yourself before you do what you have to do.

It is now 2020, and it is unfathomable how talented artists are still not fully respecting the business side of the industry and prefer the classic "leave it to my manager/label," phrase, which often comes at heavy price as trust and confidence can be broken as quickly as it was signed off on. It is indeed high time for such a platform, especially when established as well as up and coming artist have all the time in the world to reflect on the bigger picture.

"We unpack the ins and outs of the game so u (you) can take this opportunity of learning while you're still at home," she boldly states on her Instagram. "By the time this ends you already know how a record label is run, how to properly produce quality music, how to get event sponsorship and put together an event, how to properly learn the art of Djing and many other topics to be covered by industry experts!"

This will be a multifaceted platform which covers all angles from experts within their own respect in the music business.

These will include:

◇DJ Tira will focus on how to run a label

◇Zakes Bantwini will focus on understanding the business of music

◇DJ Sox will focus on how to generate multiple streams of income.

◇Junior Lavie will focus on events and sponsorships

◇Prince Bulo will focus on music production

◇Junior de Rocka & Dlala Tukzin will focus on the art of Deejaying.

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Written by Tevin NKS

Edited by Tevin NKS

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