Spain's ruling socialist party has formed a coalition with the left-wing Podemos party.

Catalonia, has been fighting for its independence away from Spain for years now, of which an attempt has failed two years ago, resulting in 9 senior politicians relating to the resistance have been arrested. New protests have demanded the release of these politicians, as the situation has intensified.

This forced the government in Spain to try and reach some form of compromise. This has been ruled as an agreement on paper, as the practicality of the coalition is yet to be strategized practically.

Acting prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, who won preliminary elections on Sunday 10 November 2019 has been tasked with solve the situation. A progressive coalition government with Spain's Podemos party has been formed with promises such as a higher tax on the rich corporations and individuals.

Pedro Sanchez has stated "our country urgently needs a new government as soon as possible", and that "this is going to be a thoroughly progressive government.

The leader of the Podemos party, Pablo Iglesias has called this a historic ruling. The charismatic leader has also called on a dialogue in order to remedy the Catalan crisis. He also added that social justice is the best vaccine to extreme far-right policies.

This marks a historic ruling as this is Spain's first coalition government.

Written by Tevin NKS
Edited by Tevin NKS