NATURAL NEWS | Informal Traders Seeking Permits (COVID-19)


On Tuesday the 7th April, informal traders applied for permits. Social distancing was being enforced as there were markings for people in the quee to stand within the regulated social distancing guidelines to avoid complications in the Gauteng province.

However, most of the traders who queued got permits were left unsatisfied. Most of them did not have the necessary documentations or even formally registered as small businesses (surprise!) The condition for a permit is only for (informal) traders selling essential goods. These include a vast catalogue of items such as - basically only fruit and vegetables!

With most (informal) traders being accustomed to selling fast foods such as skhambane, amagwinya , chips to name a few, many of them are in fear of not being able to pay their due rent. On that same note, the formal traders are allowed to sell ready made food and other essentials.

Written by Tevin NKS

Edited by Tevin NKS

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