NATURAL NEWS | Love for Latoya


In a time when surgical masks are required to block unwanted air particles, for Letoya Makhene, Love is in the air. Just about 2 days ago, Letoya displayed a picture of a known newspaper, which boasted the headline "Lesbian Love for Letoya."

With a fearless response, she confirmed the terribly written headline with finesse, "well, it was only a matter of time before the world found out about us. Here's to our beautiful future together, my love (2 champagne glasses emoji). She went as far as tagging her partner, Lebo Keswa, who responded with "...being with you makes me feel really peaceful and content." She further added, "I LOVE YOU TOYA (three hearty eyes emojis)"

Initially, some people were not buying it, concluding it as a publicity stunt with criticism of her pregnancy announcement a couple of months ago.

However, more support came through as fans and celebs like Jessica Nkosi and Khuli Roberts came to her support and defense of her newly found (or newly revealed) love. This led to her reaffirmation of her statement, by posting a jaw-dropping picture of their genuinely beautiful romance, along with her acknowledgement of the unending messages of support and congratulations, as well as the haters too - If they ain't hating, you ain't doing it right.

In a time when the only news is bad news, love has proven to conquer. For those who do not know who Lebo Keswa is, you are not the only. What is clear to see, is that she loves traveling, golfing, politics, and Letoya! NLM wishes nothing but the best for the beautiful and inspiring couple.

Written by Tevin NKS

Edited by Tevin NKS

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