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As most of you (males) may know, Only Fans is an international website from the UK that allows social interaction between a user-member and a user-viewer for the exchange of explicit content that you wouldn't otherwise find on social media. Due to several countries being under restrictive self isolation and lockdown laws/regulations, a two-fold predicament has sufficed.

On one hand, over 6.6 million people in the United States have filed for unemployment due to the lack of income as almost everybody is at home, and stimulus package does not cover for every citizen, or comes at a time when you need it most.

This is in the case as generally every country that is hard hit by the pandemic at the moment. Bills need to be paid, and the only plausible way to make money is from home, as only essential workers get to work outside from home. Therefore tough times call for creative measures.

On the other hand, a multitude of people (largely youth) are not married or engaged or living with their partner. In essence, one has to be alone or with family for weeks or months, and a sense of loneliness due to a lack of sensual or physical affirmation with your partner can cause some tension. Lockdown measures can cause another dangerous outbreak called "the salts." This is an informal description of sexual tension/frustration, and it goes for both male and female.

Therefore, one plus one equals two. Moral perspectives aside, this is a smart business tool as most of us have nothing but time and probably boredom too. Some have even claimed that they sell pictures of artworks on OnlyFans.com (of course!)

According to HuffPost.com , there has been a 75% increase in membership, with over 170 000 people signing up daily.

Although some people claim to only sign up to sell artwork, workout routines and cooking recipes (of course), the majority is the latter.

Remember, you cannot judge something you do not fully understand, and in your quest for understanding, you might just find a new hobby or stream of income as thousands of dollars can be made per day.

Clearly not for the faint-hearted, but for any new subscribers or if you are thinking about doing so, we leave you with a quote from a focalistic philosopher, "Shoota Moghel" / "Shoot your shot."

Written by Tevin NKS

Edited by Tevin NKS

Thanks to Sachela Lamonte/ @sachela

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