Travel and Accommodation | Renegade Paintball Klerksdorp

Do you and your friends or family fancy yourselves having some good ole fashion adrenaline pumping outdoor fun?

Renegade Paintball is exactly the place you need to be for pulsating fun and games.

Come and visit this amazing place for a fun filled day while keeping fit and active.

With amazing open views and an engaging paintball track, Renegade Paintball has a platform that is set for an unforgettable experience of fun while keeping your heart pumping for an enthralling adrenaline rush.

Whether you want to come for a birthday experience, corporate team building exercise, sporting events or simply a fun day for the kids, Renegade promises to quench your thirst for some well deserved genuine fun.

With various offers like speedball, bushball and target shooting, any adrenaline junkie or adventure seeker will be spoilt for choice here.

A combination of exercise, stress release and pure fun is exactly what you need. Guaranteed to help you bust a sweat and get some exercise in while blowing off some steam, this is not something you want to miss out on!​

Written by Tevin NKS & Botle Mojaki
Edited by Digital Scribes

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