NATURAL NEWS | 4 cases of Covid-19 reported in Klerksdorp (EXCLUSIVE)


A doctor working in the Life Healthcare hospital of Ancron, has tested positive for Covid-19. This has caused some worries and fears, as the total number of Covid-19 cases in the North West increases from 15 (since 8th April 2016) to a now confirmed 16, with no confirmed deaths.

The name of the doctor is known to NLM, and is highly regarded by the community. ".....(he/she) was always a (gem) and treated all his patients like family. (He/she) has also played a hand in saving my own life when I was in hospital. I wish (him/her) nothing but the best and a full recovery," the anonymous source added.

In an eNCA interview, the MEC of Health in the North West said that the doctor has been in contact with 56 patients as well as 4r health care officials, of which 50 patients have been traced through contact tracing and a further 6 are still being searched for.

The doctor has hardly developed only mild symptoms, which aren't symptoms which are linked with Covid-19. His symptoms are said to have indicated general bodily strain/pain, and only went for testing as a precaution. He has been operating on the 56 patients over the space of a month, and possibly a few more people. He has been in quarantine at the same hospital he was working in.

Stringent measures are to be put in place as the leadership of the North West prepares for a new challenge or rather a war with the "Invisible Enemy."

NLM is also aware of certain individuals and business owners (by address) who have found loopholes within the lockdown regulations in the areas of Alabama & Kanana, and resort to contravening the law on a day to day basis.

Lives have been placed at risk by selfish actions, largely for the sake of alcohol.

We encourage all residents to obey lockdown regulations by staying at home, as the extent of the outbreak can only be clear to see once more tests have been done. Together we can beat Covid-19.

For anyone portraying symptoms, contact the National Department of Health on: +27600123456

Report unlawfulness by residents and the police to SAPS: 08600 10 111

*This is a developing story

Written by Tevin NKS

Edited by Tevin NKS

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