NATURAL NEWS | ANC Regains Power In Johannesburg


ANC's Geoff Makhubo has won the Johannesburg mayorship with a convincing victory of 137 votes compared to the DA's 101 and the EFF's 30 votes on Wendesday, 4th December 2019. This follows the abrupt resignation of the former mayor and DA member Herman Mashaba, soon after the return of Hellen Zille as DA Federal Executive Chair.

This has become a long awaited victory by the ANC as they lost their power base in the municipal governments in the key metropolitan cities with the coalition government between the EFF and DA, which is not working so well as they clearly need to undergo relationship therapy.

The excited Pule Mabe says, "our people have spoken, their conscious has come alive." He further added that "parties need to come together to enhance the welfare of the people" as he made some comments to media outlets shortly after the victory.

"We have to assure our people that they have their city back," he said confidently. Although there was some speculation about the ANC having made an agreement with the IFP by giving up some key positions in the KZN province to the IFP for support to win the Johannesburg mayorship, the chief whip has refused to acknowledge such claims, even though the ANC had no way of securing majority votes in that regard as the EFF and the DA had a stronghold.

The EFF's Floyd Shivambu was less than impressed as he got a little shady after the results. "We note the outcome of this process, the EFF did not sell out. We will not be taking a part in a corrupt government. Speaking in light of Geoff Makhubo's scandal of allegedly looting the state in a R30 Million government contract, he failed to mince his words even though he tried to remain neutral.

We are not going to support the government of Geoff Makhubo because he is corrupt. He is part of the Gupta syndicate, he said bluntly. "We do not trust you with the resources of the state," he added.

It seems as though the ANC was the only party in real celebration, as DA's Mike Moriarty added, "we are not happy that the party decided to elect somebody who is compromised."

The ANC is confident that Mr Makhube is the right man for the job, and even with opposition party, obviously opposing, the City of Johannesburg citizens would have to wait and see if their new leader can steer the city in a new direction, with the majority of the failing State Owned Enterprises operating their headquarters in the city, the task is magnanimous.

Written by Tevin NKS
Edited by Tevin NKS