What began as suspicion of an intense type of flu and pneumonia, in Wuhan City, China, is now known a global pandemic - Covid-19.

The global death toll has surpassed the 60 000 mark with the infection rate surpassing 1 100 0000.

Putting a halt on all economic activities, sporting events, concerts, day to day business operations and almost anything that one can call a normal day activity - life as we know it has been placed on hold.

As of Saturday 4th April 2020, in South Africa, more than 1 505 cases have been recorded, with 7 confirmed deaths and 2 more which are yet to be confirmed as Covid-19 related deaths.

The country has been on lockdown since the President declared National State of Emergency in line with Disaster Management Strategies to secure the countriy's borders and also minimizing movement and activities within the country to stand on the offensive against the pandemic instead of waiting for an uncontrollable outbreak as in several European countries and the United States.

Lockdown Rules have been put in place as each department is working together to win the fight, but some people are finding it more difficult than others to abide, and even some law enforcement officials as well as criminals have been taking advantage of this unstable and uncertain era.

It can be simply ignorance and claiming one's position as a rogue member when unity is the call, a of a lack of education around the matter, or because the need to survive and not die of starvation supercedes the fear of an invisible enemy - the real fight is in staying home.

Medical staff, in particular, nurses all around the globe have been complaining about a lack of protective gear in the working environment and even contract the virus themselves, as many health officials and researchers have lost their lives in the fight against Covid-19.

All that they require is that we stay at home while they go to war for us. A personal sacrifice is required from the whole nation, no matter the scale, race, religion, demographic, age or even ideology, unity has never been such a necessity since the days of Apartheid. That is the very least we can do.

☆ Wash your hands thoroughly with alcohol based sanitizer or soap.

☆ Cover your mouth with a bent elbow when coughing.

☆ Maintain social distancing by at least 1 meter.

☆ Stay at home unless there is an urgent need for categorized essentials.

☆ Laws and Regulations change regularly, keep yourself informed by only listening to sources with verified facts (avoid fake news and panicking.)

☆ Although it is not necessary for everybody to wear a mask, especially if not infected, do so if possible to stay safe.

☆ Depression and Anxiety can creep in due to fear of the unknown or loneliness. Stay connected as much as you can with your loved ones - online or at home.

Written by Tevin NKS

Edited by Tevin NKS

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