NATURAL NEWS | Covid-19 Update (COVID-19)


The number of Covid-19 cases in South Aftica has increased by another 63 cases. By the end of business day on Tuesday, 7th April 2020, the total is now sitting at 1 749 confirmed cases, with 13 confirmed deaths.

Although the number seems relatively pale in comparison to the global rate of just under 1.5 Million with a death rate of just over 80 000 people, it does not paint the whole picture.

There is a chance that if social distancing and lockdown laws and regulations are not being adhered to, the numbers could increase as mass testing is set to be going underway. This may also increase the lockdown period as President Cyril Ramaphosa said that there still needs to be an "assessment" of whether or not the lockdown has been efficient thus far.

However, there is an underlying factor that since a multitude of South Africans live in informal settlements with little or no access to clean water, or can afford the necessary resources to fight off Covid-19. The idea is that, if clean water is something of a luxury, scarcity or even unattainable in everyday life, the words "sanitizer" and "surgical mask" could actually sound like Mandarin.

"Social distancing" also seems quite far fetched if you are living with 6-10 relatives in a shack and need to earn a living - or better yet, a meal for your family. However, everybody has to play their part, and the government could do more to relieve the pain and suffering of those who are not financially equipped to deal with the pandemic as those who can afford to.

Police brutality can never justified. Police Commissioner Bheki Cele, on Tuesday 7th April suggested that the the police should "push" people who are not compliant and "protect them from themselves." That can be open for interpretation by the army and police, no matter how he intended it to sound in his own manner.

Although it is not only criminal but also immoral and inconsiderate for your fellow man to disobey lockdown regulations, circumstances can differ. A "one size fits all" approach has never been practical, especially in a country where economic inequality has always been the order - still we can do better as a country!

Written by Tevin NKS

Edited by Tevin NKS

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