NATURAL NEWS | Covid-19 Update 13-04-2020


The total number of Covid 19 cases in South Africa has risen to 2 173 Cases, 25 with confirmed deaths and 41p recoveries as from Monday, 13th April 2020.

Around the globe alarming at alarming 2 million people have been infected, with a death rate of just over 114 000 and just over 424 000 people having recovered from the virus.

It has been another week of a record number of deaths, particularly in the hard hit United States, with New York naturally being the most affected state, accounting for about a third of total deaths. The top 5 most affected countries according to death rate are:

US: 20,455

Italy: 19,468

Spain: 16,480

France: 13,832

UK: 9,875 (Sunday 12th April 2020)

Although some countries have shown a slight improvement in an attempt to flatten the curve, there is a possibility of reinfection unless a certified drug or vaccine has been established to completely eradicate the virus, if not make us immune to it.

Written by Tevin NKS

Edited by Tevin NKS

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