Digital Scripts | Time Is NOw


We have 24 hours in a day,

there is time to work, and time to play.

Cease opportunities that come your way,

or give into your fears, and watch it all fade away.

We equate time with money

yet they're not the same,

Some days can be sweet like honey

and some come only with bitter pain.

There is time to hurt and cry,

but never a time to cease to try.

Like a sailor against a rough tide,

we grow and get better with time.

We smile through the pain,

as we hide our true feelings.

We reach for the sky in vain,

knowing we can barely touch the ceilings.

We close our eyes, and we dream,

and inspiration can flow like a stream.

Time itself is not a guarantee.

Stay true to your roots, and withstand the test of time like a Lone Cypress tree.

Time is not about the future nor the past, It is all about the moment. Your time is now, there is no choice but to own it.

A presentation by the IllumiNvture Secret Library
A Natural Light Magazine Production
A Digital Scribes Templar story
Written by Tevin NKS/Digital Scribes Templar
Edited by Tevin NKS/Digital Scribes Templar
Undersigned by ISL Publishing Co.
All rights reserved.