REVIEWS | Exclusive NLM Guest Mix by DikganG


Ladies and Gentlemen, IT IS HERE!!!

The Natural Light Magazine exclusive Guest Mix by Digkang N Don, in association with the Moody Nights Podcast has finally arrived.

Tape : Natural Light Mag / Guest Mix : Dikgang N Don (The Moody Niights Podcast)

Style : Dub Techno. Deep House.

Duration : 49mins : 23sec

Featured artists and labels : Washington Pozzi - Helly Larson - Cyclic Records - Shur-I-Kan - Just Move Records.

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://we.tl/t-6zlwIywzv0

Full Tracklist:

Artist - Title - Label

  1. Helly Larson - Velocity / [Lucidflow]
  2. BDTom - Aimbot / [hello strange]
  3. Paul Loraine, Saytek - Fundamental (Nadja Lind Precious Remix)
  4. Nadja Lind - Tyrannosaurus Lutz (Helly Larson Remix) / [Lucidflow]
  5. Andrey Djackonda - Ja Smoog (Original Mix) / [Cyclic Records]
  6. Shur-I-Kan / This Situation (Original Mix) / [Lazy Days Recordings]
  7. Washington Pozzi - Apple Tod (Original Mix) / [Just Move Records]

> The Mix:

Q : What inspired the mix ?

A : The inspiration of the mix came through my collection of exploring some sub-genres like Dub Techno and Dub mostly with the love from " Women who produce strictly these kinds of sound (Dub Techno - Deep House - Dub). Such as with NADJA LIND, who is a Spinner, Producer & Co-Owner of the Lucidflow. Helly Larson, who has more collaborations with Nadja Lind also featured some of their work on the mix. Washington " Pozzi " has returned on Just Move Records a Deep House track featured on their VA : Motion Sampler #003.

Q : What people can expect from the mix/ what's the vibe according to you?

A : People can a different kind of Dub Techno and Deep House sounds as we preach the word of Deep. Expect Dubs and Grooves!

Q : Who is your partner on The Moody Niights Podcast ?

A : Lesedi " Sestro " Lethoba one brother we have pulled the strings with and worked magically though the journey.

Q : The brand(s) I am representing ?

A : I am 100% representing The Moody Niights Podcast

Q : Do you have any words of advice or encouragement for South Africans for lockdown?

A : Do the little things you can during this lockdown, be creative, be active, take care of yourselves - STAY HOME "


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Written by Dikgang N Don

Edited by Digital Scribes

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