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The Gauteng Liquor Forum has threatened to lodge legal action against the government for prohibiting the sale of alcohol in the country. While health and safety are the first things to come to mind during a pandemic, and with all structures of government working together to effectively stop the spread of Covid-19 , there's always "that one guy."

The Gauteng Liquor Forum is pushing for the sale of alcohol as take away, with a proposition that no sales can be made after 18:00

It looks like the GLF is struggling with it's own alcohol addiction, using our crumbling economy as a scapegoat without barely lasting 2 weeks in rehabilitation. Although the South Aftican economy is facing it's most stringent times as in the uncertainty of the 80's, President Cyril Rampaphosa and his counterparts have stood firm in the obvious factor that human lives matter more than anything else, even the economy, or drinking.

This does not sit well with Police Commissioner Bheki Cele, who has been on a crusade to ban anything that promotes social gathering and cigarettes (as some people can can stand in a group of 5 for a single cigarette, it is not the same for all).

With alcohol in particular, some people may enjoy drinking indoors and minding their own business, but it is naive and impractical to think that the large majority will behave and act accordingly with lockdown regulations if & when the sale of alcohol will be allowed.

With great progress being made in slowing down the rate of infection so far, it is objectively reasonable to assume that it would be a case of two steps forward and three steps back if this is taken seriously. However, the law has to take its course and the Gauteng Liquor Forum is a juristic person with the right to claim legal action against an unjust or oppressive action against it - even when more serious, life threatening matters are at hand.

Such profit motivated actions are in the end what would undermine the fight against Covid-19. Personal sacrifices have had to be made by adjusting individuals made during the lockdown, as a few South Africans have already displayed shocking behaviour under the influence of alcohol, even opting for the latter rather than food, particularly within the first weekend of the lockdown. This will only increase social gatherings, and cause more antagonism between citizens and the police and army in an already dire situation.

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Written by Tevin NKS

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