History has been made in the International Criminal Court. Bosco Ndaganda, also know as The Terminator, is the first person to be convicted of sexual slavery crimes by the ICC in the Hague on the 7th of November 2019. According to Al Jazeera, he is convicted for 18 war crimes in 2002-2003, during the time that he was the leader of the Democratic Republic of Congo through military power.

Due the fact that he was a ruthless and fear-instigating rebel leader, he obtained power through violence and intimidation, including the killing of civilians. The Terminator gave orders to his military men to sexually abuse and torture young boys and girls as well as opposition to his regime. He also used violence and killed innocent people. He will be sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Although the movie sequel is something to enjoy on a big screen with popcorn as it keeps you on edge, the reign of this Terminator was in no doubt more horrific to hear about, let alone witness and experience for his victims.

The Terminator's movie has ended in justice being served untowards him and it ended with a list of 18 charges all bundled up into one sentence as his real life credits. If he is claiming, "I'll be back," it should be only 30 years from now.

The sentencing is very much welcomed by the international community, but some residents in the DRC, including victims, who have been under his reign wished for a life sentence, so he may never back.

Whatever the legal channels that were used to get to this significant sentencing, we can only hope that judiciaries all over the world may take this ruling as an example and prosecute dictators and warlords without fear or favour. Any form of slavery is inhumane and savage to say the least. Kudos to the ICC for terminating The Terminator's tyranny.

Written by Tevin NKS
Edited by Tevin NKS