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Since the lockdown came into effect on 27th March 2020, a small but significant number of people have gone taken the opportunity to contravene the law.

For most South Africans, although unideal , staying at home is a chance to be with loved ones and reboot one's life in hopes and anticipation for better days. For some, it's The Purge.

☆ Alcohol Looting

Several incidents have been reported around the country of alcohol looting since the lockdown. 16 liquor stores have been looted, with 21 arrest being made just in the Western Cape Alone. The latest being on Sunday morning, 12th April 2020 in Stellenbosch - of all places. 3 suspects have been detained so far. The biggest critic of alcohol in the country, Police Commission Bheki Cele was up in arms and calls for another address.

☆ Police & Brutality In South Africa

Police officials are no stranger to crime - not just preventing it but doing it. In Mpumalanga, two police officers were arrested and charged with defeating the ends of justice, as they were found hoarding convoy of 3 bakkies, each containing what South South Africans cannot seem to do without - alcohol. This is pale in comparison the with the brutality displayed on citizens, such as the Alexandra resident, Collins Khoza who was brutally murdered in front of his wife and children by SANDF soldiers inside his own yard. Such cases are only a tip of the iceberg as incidents happen everywhere in the country (particularly rural areas) at any given moment. According to IOL, 9 people have lost their lives to police/army brutality, alongside the 24 by Covid-19 in various regions in the country.

☆ School Burglaries

Over 55 schools have been heavily compromised since the commence of the lockdown. Schools have been broken into, torched and vandalized. The Gauteng MEC for education is "perturbed" by the incidents. The cases have been increasing and it is now becoming a crisis on it's own. Fears are looming as parents wonder if it's even safe for children to go back to school after the conclusion of the lockdown.

☆Domestic Violence

Over 2 200 cases of gender based violence have been reported since lockdown. These startling figures have risen sharply as everybody is legal obliged to stay indoors, but being inside with an abuser can prove to be more dangerous than Corona Virus.

Our country already has a negative confidence rate with regards to the police force taking matters of gender based violence seriously even before Covid-19.

Reports GBV on this hotline: 08 00 468 469 (Immediate response and your location can be traced.)

Lawlessness, especially in such unbecoming circumstances, shows a lack of empathy and is a leading in the tearing down of the fabric human society at large, along with the virus.

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Written by Tevin NKS

Edited by Tevin NKS

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