Alucius Mocumi - Lockdown Song

The pandemic has caused pandemonium over people

Isolated because we were told to do so

Seeking for a solution while we are suffering from our own sins

Locked up in our cages

Strained in our own struggle



This is now a part of our daily lives

Quarantined while dying from hunger... Anger..

The Virus seems to be smiling, of victory

Taking our friends from us, slowly

Taking away our freedom, surely

One cough,

One Sneeze,

One Sweat,

One itchy throat


We are locked down,

We are shuttered down

In the dusk, we are drawned down

Be strong and still...

Salvation is on the way.

We are without, but within

We live to fight another day

Knowing Salvation is on the way

For after chaos,

comes order...

A new dawn.

Nature knows no loss

Through death,

New life is born

Through the darkness,

shines the light from within..

and a New Era is born...

The IllumiNvture Sectret Library Presents:

Locked Down

a Natural Light Magazine production

Written by FiFi Temeki & Tevin NKS

Edited by The Scribes Navy

Locked Down song by Alucious Mocumi

ISL PublishingTM