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Awonke Qeba is a young, up and coming social entrepreneur with a multifaceted approach to business - a hustlepreneur. His main focus is on clothing and events, along with everything else that can be atoned with hustle.

Having being born and raised in Jouberton, a diverse township in Klerksdorp, North West, South Africa, Awonke was a force to be reckoned with when it came to sports/athletics during his high school days - but the universe had other ideas for his future, he is the Founder and CEO of his own clothing brand, Ugly Clothing SA.

"Ever since I started the clothing brand , many doors have opened", he says. "For example, being a promoter , organising events , a stylist and a fashion enthusiast. "I'd love to believe I am an influencer at heart but it is not something which I do professionally," he added.

Awonke has been on local radio stations and is in his own right an influencer within his community. He felt humbled by the opportunities of showcasing his brand on radio stations, such as Life FM 2017 & Star FM for 3 consecutive years in his hometown of Klerksdorp, affectionately known as "Maglera". This is where his name gained attention from the masses as he I became the MVP of the Month @ Star FM in 2018 because of his brand , and has also braced the cover of a local magazine, for his passion for fashion.

Having made a name for himself with the "small deeds that count", he has worked with a multitude of people from different spheres of entertainment from artists, models, DJs , event promoters, photographers only to name a few. He still hopes to work with a lot of talent in his own city as he boasts about the talent in his city of Klerksdorp. "I am very ambitious & I have a vision for my life & work/business, and I am the next big thing," he proclaims!

☆UGLY Wear SA - The Future

Ugly Wear SA was created to fight societal stereotypes like what is deemed as "acceptable" and "beautiful" in physical features and clothing. The brand potrays beauty & greatness in physical looks & fashion from within. Most of the youth are scared to be in the public because of how they look or dress - Ugly Wear Changes the narrative by producing good looking products (clothing) to show that you can be your most natural self & you can dress however you want. Dressing good has a big impact on your self esteem. The main aim of the Ugly Clothing Brand is to boost confidence make people realised there's beauty in "ugliness."

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