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Karabo Kgechane, also known as Kiid Flacko, is a rapper, an aspiring media personality and founder of the Listen to the Kiids movement. Although he was born in Kimberly, Northern Cape, he spent the bulk of his upbringing in Klerksdorp, Noth West, South Africa and is cemented within the community.

He attended schools locally. He began rapping whilst in primary school, Klerksdorp Primary School, but it was in his first year of high school, Technical High School, where his influence for music grew, crediting his long time friend Justin Flex Anthony.

Having struggled with emotional issues which led to his then rebellious behaviour, Kiid Flacko always had his own ideas about the meaning of life and living, which got him into hot water as he always had a natural knack for challenging authority - or the status quo.

"I was a very troublesome boy during my high school days which got me into a lot of trouble. I was caught with alcohol and banned substances on numerous occasions, also had disciplinary issues," he opens up. This transcended into his academic performances, as his focus was always somewhere else, and did not meet the requirements that matched his capabilities, and he could not completely avoid the shaming that came along from 'friends'.

"Many people laughed at me and saw me as a failure but I refused to believe that. My parents were so dissapointed but would never give up on me. The school (Technical high School) even sent a request to my parents that I should be taken to a special school as they thought something was wrong with me. My mother wasn't interested in any of that though. I remember her saying to the principal "My son is not stupid, neither is he mentally challenged, he just needs to get his act together and he'll bounce back," he says. "That's round about the time I started taking my music passion serious after all I was going through."

Although relatively shy and soft spoken in nature, he acknowledges that music helped him to express himself and find his purpose in life, giving him reason to wake up every morning. "The music kept me sane. The music washed away all my problems. The music was the only thing that could reassure me that I was born to be great."

Having done key radio interviews on the local radio station, Star FM (twice) and Aganang FM.l, he also has braced the cover of the local print magazine, Moja Magazine. His most notable song, 'Mamzala' has reached over 3000 plays on Bound FM and shot his first music video proceeded with several paying gigs.

Listen To The Kiids

Listen to the Kiids is not just a business but it's a movement. The aim is to create a platform that acts as a hub for any and everyone interested in making a name for themselves in the entertainment industry as a whole. It is a safe and secure space where one can express and explore creativity and thoughts about life and the. future. Whether it is bybsgaring contacts and connections, material or just ideas, this movement is one that will break barriers in the near coming future as it already has established a cult following in his hometown of Klerksdorp.

Refusing to be a product of his past failures, he has vowed to turn his life around and share his journey while at it. I'd love to believe that I'm a Media Personality and not just a 'rapper' because of my exceptional skills with regards to media. "I hope to reach out to the public with my story one day and to also touch lives through my art. I'd also like to inspire and motivate the youth to chase their dreams no matter what circumstances await." Kiid Flacko is the next big thing.

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