Heavy floods have hit Pretoria and Midrand, with Centurion coming worse off. In particular, Centurion Hotel, which was submerged in water. Guests have been trapped inside the hotel.

3 vehicles have been swept away and tow trucks have tried to get vehicles out of the parking lot. 2 rescue personnel even had to be rescued as they did not realise how much water is actually in the hotel, and a military helicopter has been called in to airlift the entrapped guests. Nobody has been severely injured or any fatalities, but cars have been damaged.

For the past couple of weeks, South African has been experiencing terrible weather conditions as heavy storms have swept across various parts of KZN and the Eastern Cape and Gauteng is the latest recipient of these unfortunate weather conditions.

Disaster Management and Emergency Services have advised residents to be careful when traveling on the road and avoid unnecessary traveling in affected areas affected by the flooding.

Areas of priority are now in the informal settlements, such as Mamelodi, as the situation has subsided in Centurion.

A number of people have had to climb on top of the roofs of their shacks in order to avoid drowning. The plan of Tshwana EMS is to rescue those on rooftops and shelters will be provided for those affected as the disaster is being managed throughout the day.

Written by Tevin NKS
Edited by Tevin NKS