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Out With the Old; In with the New

Out With the Old; In with the New

Out With The Old; In With The New.


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“What you choose to see is Who you choose to be” ~Tevin NKS/ Pic: Tiago

This famous proverb is used quite often, but rarely do we acknowledge the power and depth of this sentiment. Quite simply, it means doing away with anything that no longer serves your purpose, in order to make space for new experiences that align with how you see your future, or rather, how and where you want to be and to feel right now, as you are.

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?” That’s a question posed by Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham in ‘Own It’, from his ‘Nothing Was The Same’ album. If you have to think long and hard before you answer, then the question has answered itself. It’s time to look back at the reflection you see in the mirror, and look into your true, yet-to-be-discovered self.

A Change is as Good as a Rest.

Sometimes we find ourselves trapped in the same cycle, doing the same things over and over again, just in different ways, but a similar cycle, nonetheless. This can drive anyone to the walls. The very definition of madness is doing the same thing over and again and expecting a different result.

Oftentimes, we find ourselves longing for something different in our lives, without being bold enough to find a different route to getting there. This is because we feel safer in our familiar spaces. However, this false sense of safety and security is the glass ceiling that allows us to only see where we want to go, without being able to break the boundaries in order to reach new heights.

This never-ending cycle can get extremely tiring, wearing you down and make you feel like you just need a break or a rest. But it is true that a change, may be as good as a rest – if not more. A change of scenery can be so refreshing, in the most incredible way. New ideas are born, which create new experiences – New Life; New Place, New People, New You.

2023; Twenty-Twenty-Free.

“In order to welcome change in our lives, we must learn to let go of the past, however painful it was. It is insensible to think that you can carry new beginnings, with hands full of the past, and expect to feel different in the present.”

This year, we encourage a different approach, in fact, we insist on it. We need to have the courage to break free from the invisible chains that hold us back from our true potential. We need to be bold enough to take decisive action to say, “No more!” No more settling for less than what we deserve, no more compromising our dreams, no more allowing anyone other than our own self to determine our own value and self-worth. This is the time to take charge of our own destinies.

The truth is, once we decide to open up ourselves to new challenges and experiences, we don’t know what may happen. We can either fall flat on our faces and find ourselves in even more challenging times than we have ever known; or we can break the glass ceiling and find ourselves in a completely different and positive space that we have never known, but always dreamed of.

Even if you do fall down, and find yourself having lost more than before, it can undoubtedly make you stronger than before. You learn invaluable lessons along the way and attain a divine-like type of resistance fuelled by unwavering persistence. It takes losing yourself in order to find yourself.
Maybe you are not lost at all, when you embark on a new journey. You are actually finding yourself.

In order to welcome change in our lives, we must learn to let go of the past, however painful it was. It is insensible to think that you can carry new beginnings, with hands full of the past, and expect to feel different in the present. It is unthinkable, that you can pour clean water into a bucket full of dirty water and expect the water to be completely clean. It may look cleaner, but the dirty particles remain. You have to pour the whole thing out, before you can allow new, clean water in.

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“A soul on fire, blazing bright” ~ Tiago.

*What’s New?

No seriously, “What’s New?!”
What’s new in your life, what’s new with your plans, and most importantly, what’s new with you?!
As we have established, in order for something new to begin, we have to do away with the old. This does not mean a complete whitewash of everything that is of essence to who you are. You carry the memories, the lessons and sometimes the joy and pain that you’ve experienced before. These are the things that helped shape who you are – good or bad.

In redefining who you are, it does not mean that one day you are a Michael Bay story, suddenly transforming into something completely different. No, we are not ‘transformers’, we are Evolvers.
We keep growing and feel stagnant, we keep learning and unlearning, rising and falling, loving and hurting, growing stronger and vulnerable at the same time. Basically, we are alive, because the only thing constant in life is change. Refusing to change is denying yourself the chance to feel alive and to embrace life in its holistic sense.

In With the New; In Within You.

“Change is not something limited to external events; change comes from within.”

We have decided to have our own take on the saying, “Out with the old; In with the new.” We say, “In with the New; In within You.” This refined saying is so simple yet so powerful, it can move mountains. It can breathe new life into old ideas; it can make you take that risk for that dream and the life you have been putting on hold since… forever. It can make you risk the safety and comfort of the life you’ve known, to the uncertainty and thrill that comes with chasing the life you really want. It takes believing in yourself, no matter who says otherwise. It is all within you.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic alarmed us all in the beginning stages of 2020, it almost feels as though the world started spinning backwards, or even upside down. That is in essence, reflective of how most of our lives have been since then. We use the word ‘alarmed’ because it was more of a wakeup call to those of us who have been fortunate and blessed enough to still be here.

Change is not something limited to external events, change comes from within. How we perceive ourselves, how we challenge ourselves, and how we move forward, even if external forces take us backwards. Maybe it is time to stop going against the current and embrace the changes that comes with the uncertainty of life. Be the clean water yourself.

Notwithstanding the fact that one way or another, we have all lost something during this unprecedented period; whether it is a loved one, a job or business venture, opportunities, or even a part of yourself.
Maybe it was all necessary, because for some of us, we would have been trapped in the same cycle had it not been for that type of chaos and disruption. Nothing like a heavy storm to clear your path, right? Nothing like a series of crisis to remind us exactly who we are, and what we are made of. Failure only comes when you stop trying.

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“Embrace all that is You” Pic: Ntsiki / El Bouy x Smokey018

Don’t Fear Your Light.

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You are the Writer, Director and the Star in your own life. Pic: Lerato / El Bouy x Smokey018

Don’t be afraid of change. Don’t be afraid of your light. As human beings, we are made to keep growing and evolving. We are the creation that creates. Conquering your fears, is the concoction that you need to cultivate your life from the conundrums that constantly carve into your soul. It is time to create the life that you truly crave – you are capable!

Change can be extremely frightening, but it is inevitable. One has to embrace it in order to take charge of one’s life, instead of letting changing circumstances rule you. As John Schaar said:

The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating. The paths (roads/routes) are not to be found, but made. And the activity of making them, changes both the maker and the destination.

This simply means that your future keeps on changing, in direct relation to how you are changing as you grow. One day you have it all, with the world at your feet and your future looks bright, and the next day, you are left with nothing, and your future looks bleak. With lessons learned, experience gained, there is no other choice but to back and believe in yourself again. And slowly but surely, you find yourself much stronger, fitter, fresher and sharper than ever before – for your purpose. Then you realize, it isn’t about your past or your future, it’s about the present. The time is now – in this very moment.

You are the one who is responsible for everything that you are, because you have been blessed to resemble and to reflect everything that the universe has to offer. It is not up to anyone to decide where you are going. Growth can be painful, but it can be beautiful. It is quite the journey when you are discovering things about yourself you never knew were available or possible, until you have no choice but to utilize your universal power by embracing all your gifts, including your imperfections. This makes you human, and extraordinary. “Necessity is the mother of all invention.”

Let us no longer wait to be backed into a corner, or to lose it all in order to find our strength. Let us embrace it in every single moment. Through the good, the bad, and the beautiful times. Don’t fear your light, don’t dim your light for anyone. You are Natural Light.

What you are is God’s gift to you, what you become is your gift to God.” ~ Hans Urs von Balthasar

Natural Light Magazine’s Word:

We have come a long way since we first launched in the latter stages of 2019, and just like all of you, we were rocked by the changing times. We did not just have to learn to accept this change; we have embraced it and now we move with it. Even though we grew faster than we could have prepared for, during an unprecedented period that disallowed conventional thinking; we simply had to be bolder and more innovative. We realize and accept our responsibility, our purpose, and our position on the global stage. Giving you Quality, online content, with consistency and clarity is our cause.

We have changed our approach to how we are moving forward from here onwards. We choose to be bolder in achieving quality content that is authentic and reliable, and embraces diverse thinking and unity, without fear or favour. No stones will be left unturned in every story we tell.

With a little over 110 articles we have written across all sections, we have reached a global audience of 10 618 readers in 136 countries in a short space of time. Although we have had to take some time off, you kept coming back and kept reading our posts – you appreciated that each article is Timeless and Authentic. We have upped the ante, and we will not hold back and allow changing circumstances to write the narrative for us, but we change and control our environment – our destiny. We have trimmed out most of the old articles, to make space for the new (Out with old; In with New.)

As Editor-in-Chief and Chief Scribe Officer of Natural Light Magazine & Thee ISL Navy 76 respectively, finding the words to express how grateful I am for your sticking with us through these challenging times, is just impossible. From the bottom of my heart, I am eternally grateful, and I am deeply honoured, along with everyone who has contributed to our cause in their own unique ways. As we expand our family, we are proud to have you along with us on this journey of changing the world, one script at a time. If you are just joining us for the first time, “Welcome, Family!” Thank you for embracing us with open arms, and even open hearts. We hope to be the change you are looking for this 2023 year and beyond.

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“Embrace your Natural Light.” ~Tevin NKS

We wish you nothing but Love and Natural Light.
~Tevin NKS

ISL Navy 76 Presents:

Out With The Old, In WIth The New

A Natural Light Magazine Original

Written by: Tevin NKS

Edited by: Tevin NKS/ ISL Scribes

Models: Tiago “Tide Trasher”; Ntsiki; Lerato

Photos: Tiago “Trasher Photography”; El Bouy Photography x Smokey018 Visuals

Follow: Tiago – @tide_trasher_x / @trasher_photography

El Buoy – @elbuytlakaza

Smokey – @smokey018

Tevin – @tevinnks_xxviii

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