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Lewis Hamilton Reaches Milestone

Lewis Hamilton Reaches Milestone

On Sunday, 15th November 2020, Lewis Hamilton made all the headlines. He won not only The Turkish Grand Prix, but the World Championship for a record equaling 7th time. The person who he shares the record with, is none other than the legendary Michael Schumacher!

Lewis Hamilton was overwhelmed with joy upon finishing the race, and winning the championship. “7X Formula 1 World Champion. Wow. To everyone that has supported me along the way, this is for you. To my incredible family, where do I even start? I am eternally grateful for your unconditional love, sacrifices and support…” he tweeted. He has won more races than any Formula 1 driver in the history of the sport, with 94 victories in the Formula 1, and 10 of those races out of the 14 in 2020.

Sebastian Vettel, who looks up to Michael Schumacher acknowledged the Mercedes driver…”it’s very special for us because we can witness history being made today. I think he is greatest of our era for sure… I think every era has its driver or its drivers and Lewis is certainly the greatest of our era,” he said.

Lewis Hamilton also received tributes from the likes of Red Bull/Aston Martin’s Max Verstappen, Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo, former rival Nico Rosberg and numerous people showered him praises and congratulations. However, with his contract with Mercedes coming to an end very soon, this begs the question, not if whether or not he will stay or board, because he made it quite clear he is happy at Mercedes at wants to stay on for as long as possible, but rather, how deep are the bosses at Mercedes willing to dig in their pockets to accommodate the record smashing driver?

The topman at Mercedes, chief Toto Wolff admitted that his new contract just got more expensive. Lewis Hamilton said he is in “no rush,” as he has only a couple more races to go in the Middle East. And evidently, he has a different issue in his mind.

Being the voice for equality and diversity not just within the sport, but in the world, he aims to push new boundaries as his purpose more than winning races. “This year I’ve been driven not just by my desire to win on the track, but by a desire to help push our sport, and our world to become more diverse and inclusive. I promise you I am not going to stop fighting for change. We have a long way to go but I will continue to push for equality within our sport, and within the greater world we live in,” he said.


The man is certainly worth all the money he could ask for! Watch the spectacular moment at 1:05/2:04 (Link: )


Written by Tevin NKS
Edited by Tevin NKS
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