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Megxit Talks

Megxit Talks

The British Royal family is known as one of the most orderly and dignified families. However, in the past few years, they have been hit by scandal after scandal. In the latest developments, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have decided to step down from their senior roles in the royal family.

Ever since the prince and Rachel Zane have started dating, the British media and members of the royal family have been questioning if she actually suits the image of the royals. There have been allegations that some weren’t happy that a woman of colour was invited into Buckingham Palace. Some have even looked down on her because of her acting career, with a senior royal allegedly suggesting to Prince Harry that one (royals) should not get married to an actress but rather to ‘step out’ with them. Judgemental much.

Meghan and Prince Harry have always been scrutinized for any way in which they choose to lead their lives. This includes being criticized by the British media for using a private jet in their travels with baby Archie, single-handedly polluting the earth and causing all natural disasters. Also before baby Archie was born, Meghan Markle was criticized for her crazy avocado eating habits, making her solely responsible for making the earth a less desirable place to live in, while Kate Middleton’s avocado addiction was treated as something normal for a pregnant woman and somewhat cute.

However, the one that takes the cup, is the scandal that rocked Meghan and Prince Harry while they were on their African tour, and just before concluding the trip. A private letter from Meghan to her family was published by a media outlet in the UK, which seemingly was the last straw for both Meghan and especially Prince Harry. He publicly criticized the British media, accusing them of “bullying Meghan.”

This went on until he and Meghan finally decided to abruptly ease their role in the royal family. Prince Harry even went as far as to say, “I will not play the game that killed my mum!” This caused a stir, not just in the UK, but the rest of the world. Princess Diana (Prince Harry and Prince William’s mother) was one of the biggest critics of the royals. She preferred to lead her life giving to charitable causes and engaging with so called “commoners”, which made her relatable and went on to be admired by the masses and dubbed as the “people’s princess” even though she was unhappy and “lonely” by the time she died in a car accident.

Prince Harry has also has had his fair share of outbursts and rebellion against the family in his youth. Trying out marijuana in his teens and getting sent to rehab and partying it up in Las Vegas with Ryan Lochte – are we allowed to talk about that? Clearly Prince Harry has always preferred a more conventional life, opting for love, peace and happiness instead of clinging to power. This shows in his strength and resilience throughout this whole ordeal and choosing to defend his wife rather than save face – are we taking notes gentlemen?

An emergency crisis meeting was held on Monday, 13 January to discuss the crisis and “talk things through”. This is a royal description for an intervention. From this, it was decided that finally, Prince Harry, by the age of 35, should finally move out of his grandmother’s house and start being financially independent and take care of his family at his own accord. Many only hear this around 40.

Meghan Markle seems to be smiling and being her jolly self again in Canada. On Wednesday, January 15th, she visited the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre (DEWC).
This is an organization which supports women and children with basic human needs such as food, clothing, and computer access as well as extra services like skills development, HIV management management, and seniors outreach in the Canadian island of Vancouver.

While a “workable solution” is being worked on, Meghan Marke and Prince Harry have shown the world that it is important to stand up for yourself and live your life in the most natural and harmonious way, even if you have to fight for what you love.
Even if your grandmother is the longest serving monarch, one simply has to say “Gogo, it’s enough now!”

There is always a silver lining. Meghan Markle can finally go back to acting (Rachel Zane are you there?!) and Prince Harry can finally be the superhero that he is to people in need at his own pace while taking care of his son – and isn’t recreational usage of marijuana legalized in Canada? Whatever journey they choose to embark on, their actions will always be remembered as acts of courage, choosing to be your happiest selves and sticking it out together against unfair treatment.

Written by Tevin NKS
Edited by Tevin NKS

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