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Although the lockdown has proven to be a phenomenal tool in fighting the spread of Covid-19 by flattening the curve of the rate of infections and thus reducing the number of likely deaths, the economic downturn has been devastating to the most vulnerable of South Africans.

Several people have been left stranded and although the President of South Africa has announced a R500 Billion stimulus package to help fight the human social and economic injustices during the lockdown and some months beyond that, the 250 000 food packages expected in that aid are not nearly enough to feed all those who need it. Many children who depend on feeding schemes at school for a meal, along with the homeless, refugees and even more people could be left stranded.

On a mission to raise money to help alleviate hunger, Black Coffee is bringing you the very best with his Home Brewed Live Stream event. In partnership with Minnie Dlamini-Jones, Jaguar South Africa and the SA RedCross, this charitable event will be raising funds to support the #FeedingSATogether initiative.

According to Black Coffee, each of the food packs they're putting together for a small price can feed those in need for up to a month!

The music icon is pleading on everybody who has anything to spare, to donate whatever they can to support the movement. All donations will go towards feeding families all around South Africa... "No one deserves to go to bed hungry," he says.

Written by Tevin NKS

Edited by Digital Scribes

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