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Hip Hop is known for challenging the status quo and addressing issues that go on in the world without censoring. Groups such as NWA have challenged police brutality by displaying it through their music and eventually transcended into conscious politics...

In this particular era, we are facing a crisis that's got just about every country with its back against the wall, and uncertainly accommodated by fear looms. However, Hip Hop has always been the best tool for self expression, whether it is about politics, social injustices or flawed prison reforms - it's the voice that matters!

On a commercial aspect, particularly New School Hip Hop, has been criticized for portraying a negative image in society for various reasons that make appealing to the urban market.

The LIMA Quarantine Lockdown Freestyle aims to break these barriers by showcasing what REAL hip hop is all about. Taking it back to the spirit of the streets (with lockdown regulations), the realest, hardest and most powerful MC's have all been challenged to take it up to a whole new level and freestyle the hottest bars - but with attention to the lockdown and Covid-19.

Expect some twists and turns, bars galore, and entertainment of the highest calibre by the MC's, DJ's and artists with this interactive show.

The show can be live streamed from NR Studios and LIMA Innovations Facebook page, as well as the Facebook page of all contestants. Here is what to expect:

☆Each artist will:

- Perform 1 track

- Freestyle (4 min each)

☆Covid19 views

- Artists will have 4 minutes to rap about the Lockdown situations in their own views (clean raps)

☆A final showdown of the Lockdown Quarantine freestyle battle will conclude the proceedings.

Live stream: NR TV (All artists facebook members)

Date:17 friday


Line up


Pronto n Shabba Da Mc



-Mad the DJ



-K Zues

-Verbal Dweeb



-Lil Tee





-Metallic Ash

Special Guest Appearance:


You do not want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!

A presentation by LIMA Innovations & NR TV in association with NLM/ISL

Written by Derrick Maphuro (LIMA Innovations)

Edited by Digital Scribes

All Rights Reserved.