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Asanda Jilaji

Asanda Jilaji


I am an artist; a creator of ideas and imagination. Each creation showcases my own personal journey. My worries, dreams, ambitions, & everything I Love and everything I fear.

When you glance at my work, you are catching a glimpse of my soul.

I march to my own beat and dance wildly to my own rhythm. I give you a touch of my creativity with passion that runs through my veins.
I am all things beautiful and I give you the gifts of Love, Creativity & Soul!

You may write me down in history with your bitter twisted tales, but still, like a morning star, I rise.
I rise with new creativity into each daybreak, bringing the gifts my ancestors gave me.

I create, I create, I create – I rise, I rise, I rise!



Asanda’s Beauty Journey:


Your name is familiar with many big brands/names. Take us through your journey…

I’ve had the privilege of being a makeup artist for 15 years, working with prestigious International brands from Chanel to Dior to Estee Lauder amongst a few. My journey in Creativity started with Mac and my passion for creativity and simplicity started with my journey as National MUA for Bobbi Brown.

I adored looking at a my clients’ before and after looks, and most of all how it made them feel – the confidence they felt when they looked beautiful. I then decided to start my own journey by bringing creativity & beauty with tranquillity, which allowed my clients to relax and enjoy some time for themselves. I started freelancing for SABC and became an artist to many celebrities.

I was booked for events, corporate functions, photo shoots, bridals & magazines. My diverse beauty creations attracted women and men from all ethnic groups.

I initially began my creative journey in fashion designing but it was inevitable – I had a natural interest and flare for makeup!

Beauty with Belle collaboration:


How did the collaboration with Beauty with Belle come about?

I have known the founder of Beauty with Belle for a while now, and we have been through the journey of beauty working together. Belinda Reeves has always been my mentor and an inspiration to so many of us make up artists. Her beauty and brains inspired me and so many others to reach for the stars. We always said when we hit 40 we will be doing our own thing, and thus Beauty with Belle was born.

I decided to take the leap of faith and begin this new chapter and collaboration of my journey with Beauty with Belle as Makeup Creative Director. I am excited to do what I love, and I am looking forward to meeting new people touching new faces and spreading Love, Creativity and Soul through my work.

I will also be working with young women empowering them through our beauty training programmes, and with women and men spreading beauty and healthy skin through our e-commerce platform and personalised bookings.


asanda 3


In the beauty industry, Asanda Jilaji’s work has always spoken for itself. With her vast experience in the beauty industry, doing make-up before the trends on social media, she set and followed her own path as a celebrity makeup artist.

Her artistic prowess will be extended in the next chapter of her life; a collaboration with Beauty with Belle – an e-commerce platform that brings you beauty with skin changing
science, providing the most cutting edge technology in skincare.

Follow Asanda on IG @JilajiCreation


The IllumiNvture Secret Library presents:
Asanda Jilaji
a Beauty with Belle/ Natural Light Magazine production
Written by Asanda Jilaji & Tevin NKS
Edited by The Scribes Navy
ISL Publishing

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