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Belinda Reeves

Belinda Reeves


How could you not see the beauty bestowed upon her? Not the kind that is created by injections and implants, but the kind of beauty that is pure, imperfect, because her imperfections are what makes her perfect just the way she is.

How dare you force her to confirm to the superficial world and people who defy her beauty, these flaws. There is beauty in her imperfections.

Stop trying to get her to fit in when she was born to Stand Out!

Understand that her beauty comes from within and radiates without being forced or duplicated.

It is a privilege and quite frankly, a CHARM to be able to embrace ones inner self and own your throne.




Belinda’s Background:

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Belinda Reeves, formally known as Belinda Naidoo before marriage. I come from a small town in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Newcastle.

I was raised by my grandmother who instilled strong morals and values in me from a very early age.

I was raised to be bold, courageous, strong, but also kind, humble and caring; to treat all people from all walks of life with love, respect and dignity. I would say I was quite popular in school; very vocal, trendy and open to diversity and new challenges.

I left Newcastle at the age of 17 years old, only with my suitcase, hopes and my dreams to the Big Province, Gauteng.


As a child who was your role model?

Well, my mother was my role model growing up. She was an over achiever at school, but due to he financial background and starting a family at a young age, she was unable to pursue her dreams and aspirations.

However, despite her circumstances, she was an independent woman who supported two households. She was a selfless woman, always putting the needs of others before her own.

She was an elegant, graceful, kind and humble woman. I would watch her in awe as she dressed up to go to work every morning.

I thought she was so beautiful!

Coming from a small town, what inspired you to dream beyond your environment?

My father always inspired me to dream beyond my environment. He encouraged me to dream big, not to allow the world to restrict me and put boundaries on my dreams.

He called me his shining star and told me that I can be whatever I choose to be, and that I should find happiness in pursuit of my dreams.


Belinda’s Beauty Journey:

As a small town girl I gathered that you have reached great heights with your career and in the beauty industry.

Take us through your beauty journey…

Well I started as a beauty consultant with so much passion, drive, being so enthusiastic – I just wanted to hit the ground running in the beauty industry.

However, very early in my career, I was told that I do not conform to the beauty standards due to my imperfections (I have a lazy eye.) I was told I am too smart (for this industry) and that I should choose a different career path.

Despite the opinions of people in the beauty industry, I did not let their opinions and boundaries, limit me or my dreams.

I pursued my goals and dreams, and in no time, I was managing one of the biggest retailers in the country, working with world renowned international as well as national beauty brands.

I was blessed that I had a leader who did not judge me but instead encouraged to reach for the stars.
His name is Emmanuel Mgilane. His guidance and leadership groomed me from being a small-town girl to a powerful woman with brains and great business acumen.
During the peak of my career, top beauty brands were ranked number one in the country under my management.

A few years later, I was blessed with the opportunity of joining as a Key Account Manager, handling the biggest Retail Portfolio.
Imbalie Beauty, is a franchisor, that, markets and distributes its own independent beauty brands to its own distribution footprint and owned franchised beauty salons, retailers,
independent salons and pharmacies.

I was so blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing team and a wonderful environment.
My spiritual journey was re-ignited.
My CEO Esna Colyn was as strong believer in woman empowerment.

I was blessed within the structure and promoted to National Product Sales Manager. Through this journey I was educated, taught the boardroom lessons, business development, and so much more. I was so grateful that I met such great leaders through this beauty journey.

I then had the pleasure to travel broadly within the country due to a new job portfolio. I was taken out of my comfort zone and started a journey of business development.

I met so many different business owners, customers, skin therapists, dermatologists etc and was given more insight into the business of beauty and the beauty industry.
I then went into Key Accounts & Operations Management for another international beauty brand.

I remembered and taught this basic principle to my team – Teamwork makes the dream work, and so we did.

Shortly after that I was blessed with my first bundle of joy, a baby boy.
Then the Covid-19 pandemic emerged, and I saw the rise of the e-commerce world and I knew this was the path I wanted to take.

I enjoyed the flexibility of working from home, whilst still being present in my baby’s early development.

I decided with a close friend and colleague I have known for years, Asanda Jilaji, who is a celebrity makeup artist and stylist, to start the journey of Beauty with Belle.

What is Beauty with Belle about?

Beauty with Belle is an ecommerce platform that brings you beauty with skin changing science with the most cutting edge technology in skincare.

We are the stockists of the most powerful anti-aging results with home care products that deliver results mirroring those of in office cosmetic procedures with the Dr Brant Legacy.

We have also partnered with DrK Dermal health care, which is a medi-cosmeceutical brand that pioneers the science behind optimum skin health and what it essentially means to each consumer.

Adding to Beauty with Belle we bring to consumers, Skin Nutrition, which are highly effective bio active skin care products and supplements that treat the skin from the outside in.

We also provide skin treatments in the comfort of your home as well as in your personalised monthly skin appointments with our DR brands.

Beauty with Belle is also the exclusive stockist of Nanacoco Make up, a cruelty free, vegan friendly, makeup brand.

We embrace a makeup brand that is about lifestyle, confidence and bringing out the beauty within you. We offer high quality products at a great price to consumers and make up artists.

Backed up is our makeup services with celebrity makeup artist Asanda Jiljai, and other experts who will introduce consumers to the latest beauty trends, workshops, product
highlights and much more with our monthly beauty tutorials and events.

What advice would you give to the young generation of today wanting to pursue their dreams?

I would say to the young generation of today, have confidence in that person in the mirror. You are the creator of your own destiny!


Beauty with Belle is a journey of Beauty & Wellness inspired by LOVE • CREATIVITY • SOUL
We celebrate women & men in their real, most raw & authentic brilliance, who believe that beauty is being comfortable in your own skin.



The IllumiNvture Secret Library Presents:
Belinda Reeves a Beauty with Belle/ Natural Light Magazine production
Written by Belinda Reeves & Tevin NKS
Edited by The Scribes Navy
ISL Publishing

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