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Kevin Heart in “Zero Fucks Given”

Kevin Heart in “Zero Fucks Given”

Kevin Hart is one of the most successful and famous comedians in the world. He has sold out arenas and The Maddison Square Garden with his comedy specials, and also brought billions of dollars in Box Office revenue with movies like Think Like A Man & Think Like A Man 2, Ride Along & Ride Along Too to name a few. His latest offering is the Netflix Original Comedy Special, “Zero F**ks Given.”


kevin hart presents no f ks given


What To Expect:

On this special, he is in the comfort of his own home, and he talks about a new and unique phase in his life, in his forties, in the most organic manner without holding back.

Kicking it off with how he contracted Covid-19/ “The VID,” his kids’ development, the physiological changes of being in his 40s, his feelings about private school and an interesting dinner at another famous comedian’s house, the more guilty you feel about laughing at some of the jokes, the more you will laugh. Treading on thin ice with some of his jokes which are borderline on the side of insensitive, he quickly reminds his audience of the name of the show, “Zero F**ks Given”, and taunts at the “Cancel Culture” with slight jabs.

The show seems a bit more mature and self-reflective of how he has carried himself as a celebrity and as a family man. He also emphasizes on the kind of impact fame has had on his life and career. Without mentioning mishaps in the past, such as his Oscars controversy, he does offer an alternate way of accepting that he does feel under a microscope from the media/ paparazzi in terms of his behaviour.

This is intelligently highlighted in being snapped by paparazzi while eating a burger, right after pledging allegiance to the plant-based community. Without giving away too much of the special, so you can make the judgements yourself, it seems like Kevin Hart is embracing growing older and wiser, and yet no longer afraid to tread the lines or rules of engagement in his comedy with more honesty.

Set in his own living room, the production is intimate, minimalistic and quite elegant. The crowd engagement is clear to see, and the show will have you feeling as if you are part of the audience inside Kevin’s house.

This is a unique and special comedy special indeed, and has already been rated #2 on Netflix in the United States. This comedy special is definitely worth watching whether alone in the comfort of your own company, or with family, (definitely not with underage kids) and with your partner/significant other because the setting and content is appropriate for an indoor romantic night, with some battle of the sexes nuances.

Kevin Hart is certainly not pulling any punches here, and pulled off a major surprise on us by showing great dynamic range here… At the end of the show, you sure will be craving for some ‘BOP’ after having worked up an appetite with good laughs.

Have a Blast!


Kevin Hart: Zero Fucks Given | Official Trailer | Netflix Standup Comedy Special 2020 | Check it out – Link:



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Kevin Hart – Zero Fucks Given
A Netflix Original Comedy Special
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