Internationally acclaimed DJ, Shimza, has been causing a stir on social media for all the wrong reasons on the road to the 3rd and final week of the Channel O Lockdown House Party. This weekend (10th and 11th April) was initially set the final showdown of the Channel O Lockdown House Party, but anticipation of an extension of the show seemed obvious because of the lockdown extension by a further 2 weeks in order to bring the entertainment to your own home.

One fan, @CeegaWaMeropa1, went on to ask Shimza for an opportunity to be a part of the line up on the Lockdown House Party since the show could be extended, and he ran into a massive brick wall.

DJ Shimza quickly let Ceega know that he could not be bothered by him and refused to be "harrassed" by anybody trying ask him for any personal favours even for your brand.

This response was largely unwelcome by some fans, reminding him that it was DJ Oskido who gave him a shot when he was a small time DJ in varsity. He also has received a co-sign from Black Coffee, when his own company ShiMusic was signed under Black Coffee's own Soulistic Music label of which he left in 2016.

This did not seem to phase DJ Shimza at all, clearly too big of a star to care. He went as far as blocking the rising start, and went on to justify himself implying that as a superstar, he finds it extremely "annoying" when people want to use his name to grow their brands.

As #Shimza was trending throughout the week and gaining momentum like fuel to a fire, he was certainly feeling the heat as he still continued to play a fire set by usual standards on Friday,10th April on Channel O for the Lockdown House Party.

However, "when life gives you shimza, you make some black coffee" Retweets from Black Coffee, Gagasi FM and major streaming service. Even politician Mbuyiseni Ndlozi got involved of which DJ Shimza finally having to apologize indirectly hoping it would reach the young DJ telepathically as he had already blocked him. That however, did not stop all the opportunities from coming through, as even Cappello along with several other brands united in making the rising DJ's dreams come through with a collaboration on some their franchises.

Popular figures have thousands, and sometimes millions of fans and followers largely with regard to social media. By natural circumstances, they interact within small circles influence or friendship, of which the lines can be blurred unintentionally or otherwise. Such are the circumstances which led to the trend #OpenUpTheIndustry, shedding light on the fact that unexplored quality is replaced with quantity (clout) for better marketing, whereas the two can go hand in hand with then right components are working together.

This ground breaking debate will always go on, but a biblical quote says, "God helps those who help themselves," and rejection can be a taken as a lesson instead of become disheartening, as once cannot always be an island and make it on his/her own - nor can you be alone at the top forever.

However it may have come, Shimza has indeed apologized, and the story ultimately worked out in the way that it should have. This is a lesson to all up and coming artists, Believe In Yourself because you are Dreams Are Valid!

Written by Tevin NKS

Edited by Tevin NKS

Model: Lesego Maakamedi @EgoThaNegro

Photos: @Telascope_photography

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