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Short Story

Time, that is my name. I am the most valuable abstract object. I distinguish day from night and awaken people to resume with their preoccupied lives and decide when your time to transcend into another dimension from this earth has come.

However, most do not realise my true value, and that has changed my whole dimension. As much as I would love it for there to be more of me, unfortunately that cannot be. This is why businessmen and women charge on their time spent, time is money. Most public figures do not value me because my enemy/sister , life has consumed them.

My not being valued has broken up so families as spouses, brothers and sisters, cousins and parents pray to me wishing that they had more of me. On that note people fail to comprehend that I am abstract/an illusion, and that is it is beyond my power to perform such a miracle. You people have reduced me to only a mere object that I am surprised I haven't been listed as a commodity on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange or the New York Stock Exchange.

Many remind themselves of my existence on their wrist. My value is a constant reminder as a wrist watch, like a Rolex, Hublot or Tag Heuer just to name a few. They have put a price on me that is so exorbitant sometimes I find it ridiculous that more value is placed on a machine than me.

This does make me a little jealous, because no matter what you may spend on a watch, I on the other hand, am priceless. However, some do appreciate me as an abstract phenomenon as well as a machine with the best of micro-engineering and micro-electronics.

Whether it be visiting @worldsfinestwatches to collect a Longines Conquest V.H.P or www.patek.com for the Patek Phillippe with the Silinvar innovation and walking out a happy chap, it is not about the beauty of the machine, it is about me, TIME. But, as the famous saying goes only "those in the know, know". So if you are going to keep up with me through a well crafted machine, why not respect me enough and go all the way right?!

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A Mfundo Mthembu & Digital Scribes Templar Story
Written by Mfundo Mthembu & Father Time
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