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Welcome to Natural Light Magazine

Welcome aboard!


A Warm welcome to you. Thank you for choosing Natural Light Magazine as your source for quality online content.

As we all know, home is where the heart is. 

If you are familiar with our site, we would like to Welcome you back to our newly renovated Home – you are not lost at all. if you are joining us for the first time – Welcome Home, this is truly a special moment.


In a world where misinformation and propaganda rule the internet and freedom of speech and expression are quelled by cancel culture,  we know that you are looking for something different – Authentic.

We are working tirelessly to improve ourself, in order to ensure that we deliver to you content that is authentic and relevant to you, so you can be informed and entertained, provoked in thought and to open your mind to a world that is beyond just our physical environment as we know it. We are writing the Future, because the Future Is Now, and it belongs to us all. Our Dreams shape our Reality, so don’t be afraid to explore your Natural Light.

We hope to represent your ideas, thoughts, emotions, opinions and even opposing views in the best way we can. This is in order to shape our world to be more inclusive and open to everyone who lives in it. We aim to bring “healthy chaos” to an order that maintains the status quo that decides for us, what can and cannot read, view, think or say.


Whether it is in the arts, business, politics, lifestyle, education and so forth, we strive to use our platform to promote progressive ideals where all of us have a platform to shine our Natural Light, in a positive and constructive manner.

Every race, religion, culture, country is welcome here, because our acceptance and representation of our differences make us better human beings – individually and as a whole.

We have upgraded our platform and its features. Our world class website is for everyone.

We unreservedly refuse to be just another blog promoting the same views, the same people, and recycling the same stories.

Whether it is in lifestyle (Taste, Travel, Fashion, Calendar events), our informative (News, Reviews) sections, or our original Natural SCRIPTS section we bring light where others dare not go.

Also, we are more interactive with you now. This is through comments, ratings, and direct contact with us to express your views. We would be honoured to have you take part in the growth of NLM in whatever way you can contribute.

You as the reader, are not just a number or a statistic to us. You are family. Family agrees and disagrees, family can sometimes drive you to the walls, but nonetheless family is forever.

We stick together to enhance our best selves, tell each other the cold hard truth, embrace our differences warmly, and most importantly. We feel Accepted.


Welcome to the Natural Light Family!

– Tevin NKS

Natural Light Magazine

Tevin Nkosi

Editor in Chief

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