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Lemon Water Buzz

Lemon Water Buzz

Intro: Lemons

Have you ever wondered why, when asking for water in a fancy restaurant, it comes with a slice of lemon? Or why some people, instead of making tea, rather boil water only
to squeeze lemons in it? Or even worse, those kind of people who have a whole jar of water with lemons and ice?..

Well, that seems to be a trend that is growing recently. However, lemons, and water, have been sources of nutrition from the beginning of time. We are going to unpack this
trend for you…

Lemons are naturally very good for you, with a multitude of benefits for your body. The lemonine in lemon peels prevent cell damage caused by ‘free radicals’, helping fight off
many several health defects. Lemon essential oil is used in aromatherapy, which supposedly helps during labour pains, reducing nausea and vomiting.

Lemons also make for good marinade, as an alternative to vinegar in meats. And can also be used when cooking, to make your food more juicy, especially in meat like liver,
chicken and steak.. Lemons also make a good combination for flavour in gin and vodka, but for the sake of this topic, we will focus on:


Lemon Water

  • ☆ Hydration –> Water is a natural hydrant; the lemons give it flavour. This will stimulate your taste palates without taking away the natural properties of water, boosting your
    energy without the caffeine crash. Warm/Hot lemon water every morning is a necessity!
  • ☆ Skin Quality –> The Vitamin C improves the quality of your skin by fighting off damage caused by sunburn, acting as an anti-aging agent, and also gives your skin a natural
  • ☆Fresh Breath –> Lemon water stimulates saliva, and prevents the dryness in your mouth which causes irritation and bad breathe. After a meal, the lemon water will fight
    off bacteria and food particles which have overstayed their welcome in your mouth.
  • ☆ Vitamin C –> Vitamin C boosts your immune system by helping in the fight against colds and flu. This also helps with fighting ischemic strokes and cardiovascular
    diseases, according to some studies.
  • ☆ Indigestion –> Lemon water helps with the fight against Indigestion. The sour taste will stimulate your Agni, which allows you to digest food more easily and can also give
    you an Appetite.
  • ☆ Kidney Stones –> The Citrate binds with Calcium. This will help in the prevention of Kidney Stones, as it reduces the acidity in urine. It also helps fight inflammation.
  • ☆ Blood Pressure –> This will relax your blood vessels, as it promotes dilation. This will improve cholesterol levels and the stiffness in arteries, amongst helping with strokes
    and heart attacks as it contains flavonoids which fight against free radicals.
  • ☆Anemia –> Having a substantial amount of Vitamin C in your body, makes it easier to absorb the iron needed in your system. This will prevent iron deficiency which causes
  • ☆Infections –> The anti-bacterial and anti-viral components will help in the fight against infections by boosting your immune system.
  • ☆Weight Loss –> Although lemon water does not directly affect weight loss, it is however essential as with both water and lemons as a fruit. Taken regularly, it will assist you if you already are on a healthy diet and exercising program/routine. This works more as a by-product, but will be quite efficient in your progress overtime.


How to make Lemon Water:

  1. Slice half a lemon
  2. Poke some holes
  3. Squeeze into a cup of warm/boiled water or cold water
  4. Stir gently


  1. Slice half a lemon
  2. Slice into smaller quantities (or cubes)
  3. Poke some holes in each slice
  4. Throw lemon slices inside
  5. Shake gently and let it settle


For some flavour, add your choice of: Mint leaves / A teaspoon of honey or maple syrup / A slice of fresh ginger / Make with Rooibos tea and honey.





Side Note:

It is important to note that the benefits of lemons (lemon water) are highly contentious in the medical sphere, and undergo different studies and updates constantly. We have compiled for you a list that is based on medical research.

However, our bodies react differently, and each person may have their own unique experiences and stories to tell. Make sure to rinse your mouth with water, as too much lemon water may have a negative effect on your teeth.. (As is too much of anything can be bad of course)


Although some people may have their doubts, it is definitely a growing phenomenon regardless. Your health is your wealth, and one should do whatever it takes to take preventative measures where you possibly can.

Lemons and Water are both essential and healthy for you separately, so how about trying them together, in a deliciously acquired taste that will keep you hydrated and work
wonders for your mind, body and heart!


The IllumiNvture Secret Library presents:
Lemon Water Buzz
a Natural Light Magazine production
Written by Tevin NKS
Edited by The Scribes Navy
Sc: Cleveland Clinic; Medical News Today
Pics by: Ernest Porzi; Mariah Hewinea; Izzy Gerosa
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