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No Limits

No Limits

Limit (noun) – a point or level beyond which something does not or may not extend or pass.

– a restriction on what is permissible or possible.


Born and raised in the township, Jouberton, in Klerksdorp, North West, SA, Alucius Mocumi simply does not resonate with the first definition.


Growing up, Alucius was always energetic, entertaining, and developed a passion for *music and dance.

This passion eventually lead him to win 2nd prize at an international dance competition in Italy in the jazz category, and first place in the South African dance hit show, JIKA-MAJIKA.

His music video, Wae Lahla, alongside Chris Mocks and Toxic Music

will you have put on your dancing shoes!


In addition, Alucius Mocumi has always been inspired by *Radio. He was a senior member of the youth radio station in his hometown of Klerksdorp, Star FM.

He was awarded an honorary award from the former district mayor, Pinky Moloi, for his efforts in servicing as a voice of hope and change for the youth in his community.

He has been working at OFM since 2016, and has never looked back!


Refusing to be boxed in one space, he also decided he wanted to try his hand in the *television industry. Having secured a role as a supporting lead character, Kane, on the critically acclaimed TV show, Isono Sam, by Mzansi Magic. which was shot and produced in his local town, Klerksdorp, he sees no boundries.

Being rganically entertaining, *presenting is second nature to him…

He is also an *MC, most recently working with Free State Virtual Online hosting the Free State Virtual Online Party Season 2.

The man is also a voice over artist, working with Platinum North West TV.

The Voice SA season 3, under the major OFM stable.


We can literally go on all day about his accolades and achievements, but behind the lights, camera and the action, lies a man who is simply… Made for the lights, the camera and the action.

With raging energy and conviction, Alucius Mocumi has a few powerful thoughts to share.




*What made you want to enter the media/entertainment space?:

When something is maent for you. You do not want to pursue it, it pursues you. I’ve always been an entertainer and with that came with people that wanted me to give them more content of what I offered. Weather it was dance, music, voice over skill, radio presenting, tv presenting and acting. All of this came naturally.



*When did you realize your Breakthrough moment ?

The moment I did my first ever dance routine at Klerksdorp’s biggest event at one point “the street festival” with my dance crew “O-Mega 360” in 2007. When people were screaming for us – something woke up in me and I new right there and then that this is where I make a name for myself.



*What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced thus far regarding your career?

Always has been and still is. Opportunity to show cases my talents. Promoters block you the more you grown in the industry. It’s like they wanted a person to always stay a free performing talent. The moment you start charging to feed your family, they don’t want to hear from you anymore. That was my challenge.


State of the Industry

*What are your thoughts about the State of the Media Industry in SA?

There can be room for improvement. Open up the industry and let new faces (talent) come in. Because the same faces are occupying all spaces of the industry which makes it tough for the industry to be shared.


*What does the phrase “No Limits” mean to you?

No limits, to me, means, “shut up and go get what you want, (be)’cause complaining will get you nowhere!”


*Any words for those who have dreams and ambition as you do?

Believe in you!

There is only one you, and you have to accept and believe in your gift first before the world can accept all of you. Once you do – get out there and show the world why you are unique and there is only one you in the universe, don’t try to be someone else. Be who you are maent to be, and be original about it.


Often we are persuaded into believing that in order to achieve success, one must focus on one thing to specialize in, and become a master at that. A focus on more than one thing simultaneously can have you categorized as a “Jack of all trades – master of none.”


However, we can harness our full potential by reaching to levels beyond the scope of natural human limitations.

The power is not in getting comfortable doing the same thing over and over; but to explore the vast universe from your Thoughts.

If you are still wondering about the definition of No Limits, you won’t find it in the dictionary. You wont even find it in this article.


Now, in the words of a Go-Getter, “Shut up and go get what you want!!

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