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Her Power!

Courage, Vision and Determination in emphasizing on the will to succeed over the fear of failure even after defeat. These are only are few significant components in building an enterprise. An empire.

In a society where being young, African, and also a woman, is a harsh disadvantage in the socio economic sphere. Only a strong, daring crusader who does not know the meaning of “worn out” would relish in challenging this status quo.

But, if all of these qualities are if you think about it, are natural components of an African Queen, we believe it is a matter of time that women take back what’s been taking from them over the years…

Her Power!

Never standing in one position between 2 and not any longer than 5 minutes, social entrepreneur, Botle Nina Mojaki, is the personification of both passion and energy.

As she is getting her buzzing and satisfied customers out of their gear, while helping the new combatants get prepared for their match, Botle welcomes us with a vigorously warm welcome… with santitizers and water.

Setting up a table for her eating clients; making sure that equipment is safe and clean; making sure everybody is hydrated, all while gearing to handle for a photoshoot, an interview while cracking some jokes, Botle Mojaki is a jack of all trades, and a master of fun.


Having worked countless hours as a waitress in order to finish her studies and surviving cheque to cheque, Botle Mojaki always knew there was more out there for her.

After several attempts of looking for work post attaining her diploma at Sedibeng TVET College, the contagiously passionate woman has always been certain that she was destined for great things.

“I was tired of knocking on doors seeking employment, so I figured I should create the door!

Having attended the famously competitive Technical High School in Klerksdorp, North West, Botle was into almost whatever stimulated her mind and adrenaline. Whether it is sports & athletics, or simply living life to the full!.

From a young age, she had a “thirst for adrenaline.”  And subsequently, a thirst for success.

Growing up athletic and adventurous through her childhood, the future mover and shaker always understood the power in keeping your body active, which is beneficial to the body and mind, acting as an immune and morale booster. This is nourishing for the soul.


From her energy, Botle provides a refreshing level of confidence and certainty in her movements – without needing to use words.

Not one to ponder too much on her past experiences, Botle has always made it clear from our very first encounter…

Her Time Is Now!!


It is common knowledge that, in starting any successful enterprise, one must have a clear purpose (vision.)

Botle not only saw a gap in the market of Paintball, but she assumed the responsiblity of becoming a beacon of change in her community.

Those who do want to envision themselves as products of their environment, but rather to look towards a life that radiates positive light, feed off her energy.

“You need a passion for what you do to succeed in tourism ‒ a love for people and places and a desire to give visitors the best experience and service despite what your role in the business is,” – Judiet Barnes (Thebe Tourism Group.)

These words echo in the mind when reliving the one of a kind experience that we shared from our experience at Renegades Paintball.

From her ability to split her time and energy to take care of those of their customers, and natur love for her people, compounded by her conscience and intricate business strategies and principles, these words by the Tourism stalwart could not have been proclaimed any better.

“…I’m from a small town, and my neighbourhood is densely populated with youth, who are immersed in an area where they are easily influenced by their peers to use drugs, alcohol etc. So we decided to start Renegades to give them a positive outlook in life,” she explained simply.

And even if she has to say so herself,

“the feedback (from the community) has been overwhelmingly positive!”


The mission


Botle is convicted in the idea that her purpose is bigger than her own dreams.

Although paintballing at Renegades is a space where you can have fun, blow some steam and let loose off the daily burdens of life through these tough times – It goes beyond that.

Botle is solid in her conviction that Renegades is more than just about paint balling – it’s about shooting for the stars.

In South Africa, from the end of 2019, about 3.3 million youth are without a job, unskilled or untrained. University graduates are not exempt either.

In the tourism sector, just like the fashion & cosmetics industries, women do account for a healthy number of positions in the sector, but lack presence in senior positions.


According to Bizhub ( )

in 2018, women accounted for 44% of skilled posts (professionals, management and technicians) – which is a figure that remained stagnant within the past 2 decades.


This leaves women, in particular, young women of colour, in a space where they have no choice but the latter… “Create the door.”

The Future


The plans to turn the Renegades brand into a success story.

Botle is planning to expand throughout her community. In essence, is all about creating more employment in order to alleviate another invisible enemy… Systemic Poverty.

The entire Renegades team has, understood , located the target, and is properly geared for this generational war.

With a solid support structure in her family and business partner, the Renegades team is a formidable force that puts on the armour of change and revolution in youth minds.

“We hope to grow Renegades into a well-known brand, but the main goal is to empower and hopefully create employment for the mislead youth and the less fortunate. We hope to give them the skills and the advice they require to go on out there and begin their own ‘Renegades.”

Click, Click, Bang!!

The IllumiNvture Secret Libray & Renegades  present

A Shoot for your Dreams story

A Natural Light Magazine & Photograpgy Station production

Written by Tevin NKS & Botle Nina Mojaki

Edited by Scribes Navy

Thanks to the wonderful Renegades family.

ISL Publishing Co.