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Clarity is Clear to See

Clarity is Clear to See

How could you not see the beauty bestowed upon her?
Not the kind that is created by superficial connotations, but the kind of beauty that is pure, imperfect, because her imperfections are what makes her perfect just the way she is.

Her stretch marks tell a story that stretches beyond the measurement of time – they are a symbol of growth from Girl to Womanhood.
And to any Boy with only an eye for superficial beauty will take them for granted.

However, a Man will embrace them, appreciate them, Love them. Because a Man understands that her stretch marks are a Symbol of her journey.
How dare you force her to conform to the superficial world of social media standards for followers and people who define beauty by defying Natural Beauty? What gives you
the right? These so called flaws, whether her curves, her skin complexion or the way she chooses to dress – She is African Royalty. There is beauty in her imperfections Black
Don’t Crack!



Stop trying to get her to Fit In when she was born to Stand Out. Her curves aren’t made to be objectified as a symbol that further perpetuates the condescending agenda that
the superficial world has created and worships.
She does not succumb to your vulgar descriptions of her body, because the F-Word she resonates with is Full-figured.
She is an African woman who takes pride in her own body, and displays a level self love & appreciation that is so pure and natural, that it intimidates those who dare try
change her…



In a world of trends and followers, it often becomes impossible to distinguish between what’s Real and what appears to be so. Standards are set on how beauty should be
defined, and thus created a culture that promotes fitting in over standing out.
But that is Not You. African Queen, you are beautiful the way you are. You were created as the craddle of human kind, with the image of PERFECTION before you were even
You understand that beauty comes from Within, and radiates without being forced or duplicated. It is a privilege and quite frankly, a CHARM, to be able to embrace one’s
inner self and to own your throne.
Peace and Tranquility radiates in Contenness in Your Own Skin.


My Embrace Looms Above; Never Imitating Nobody – Melanin.

Clarity Is Clear To See.

Thee IllumiNvture Secret Library presents:
Clarity Is Clear To See
A Story for The Queens
A Natural Light Magazine production
Written by Mfundo Mthembu & Tevin NKS
Edited by The Scribes Navy
ISL Publishing
Thanks to: Siyamthanda Thomi, Lindiwe Chabalala, Kamogelo_Blythe and X Photography